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Ve Oola Naturals Brightening & Brilliance Mask 1pc

  • 一種營養豐富的多功能生物纖維素片狀面膜,可立即為肌膚注入大量有效的亮白和活化成分,立即為肌膚注入光澤,同時改善肌膚,使肌膚更光滑、更緊緻、更細膩。
  • 面膜注滿營養豐富的精華,配上以天然純椰子製成的生物纖維面膜,可立即為肌膚注入大量有效的亮白和活化成分,立即為肌膚注入光澤,同時全面提升肌膚質素,使肌膚更光滑、更緊緻、更細膩。
  • 集補濕,美白,抗氧,緊緻於一身的多功能面膜。

A nutrientrich and multi-functional Biocellulose sheet mask to instantly inject a surge of potent brightening and revitalizing ingredients into the skin to immediately instill a glowing radiance as well as refining the skin for a smoother, tighter, and finer finish.

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  •  強效抗氧化因子 瞬間亮澤肌膚
  • 促進肌膚更新 淡化色素及痘印
  • 收緊毛孔 緊緻肌膚
  • 增強角質代謝及更新 抑制暗瘡 改善粗糙膚質


  • 適用於所有皮膚類型
  • 特別針對毛孔粗大、暗啞、疲倦、粗糙皮膚


  • 金桔水合物:
    黃酮類植物甾醇 – 強抗氧化因子,對抗自由基
  • 甘草提取物:
    光甘草定 – 抑制酶的產生而導致的色素沉著,達致皮膚美白效果
  • 大豆提取物:
    芽孢桿菌發酵 – 促進皮膚更新而不引起皮膚刺激
  • 專利肽Argireline六胜肽:
  •  Kumquat Hydrate: Flavinoids Phytosterols – Strong anti-oxidizing factors to combat free radicals
  • Licorice Extract :  Glabridin – Inhibits the enzyme that causes pigmentation to produce skin whitening effects
  • Soybean Extract : Bacillus Ferment – Promotes skin renewal without inducing skin irritation
  • Proprietary Peptides  Argireline: Stimulates growth of collagen and elastin for skin firmness and suppleness

獨家隱藏用法,美白收毛孔效果double up

  1. 潔面後,先全面噴上花水或純露*
  2. 打開膜包裝袋,取出適量cream狀精華按摩面部
  3. 取出面膜,先將托底紙上的cream狀精華塗上面
  4. 從側邊將另外一張托底紙取走,把中間生物纖維面膜敷上面
  5. 敷20-30分鐘之後,取下面膜
  6. 將包裝袋剩餘的cream狀精華均勻塗抹面部,當作cream mask敷約20分鐘
  7. 使用清水洗掉面上殘留多餘精華
  8. 最後重新塗上晚間護膚程序

*如有Ve Oola Daily Serum或Lovinah Red C Ampoule,可以在噴上爽膚水後,先搽一層Ve Oola Daily Serum或Lovinah Red C Ampoule,然後才敷Ve Oola BB Mask,將抗氧美白功效再高至另一層次。



另外,如有定期到美容院做煥膚、創傷性或高能量醫美療程,療程後皮膚細胞正處於更新及活躍的狀態時,使用此產品後翌日局部位置有機會出現紅腫及痕癢現象,因此接受療程後建議先使用能屏障修復的產品(如SOS Serum/ Relaxation & Radiance Mask),之後再使用此面膜。

The product contains Bacillus Ferment that promotes skin renewal, though it is milder and less irritating compared with AHA, for extremely sensitive and fragile skin, skin may become slightly red after use. Please do not worry as the redness is not harmful and will likely go away on its own soon.
After having laser or high energy device treatments, skin cells may keep renewing and being active, skin may become red, swollen, and itchy if you use this mask in such a situation. Therefore, we recommend you to use barrier repairing products such as SOS Serum and Relaxation & Radiance Mask after the treatment, keep this mask and use it later!


Squalane. Abyssinian Oil, Rice Bran Extract, Kumquat Extract, Marina Green Algae Extract Centella Extract, Plant-based Triglycerides, Argireline, Licorice Extract. Plant-based Diol. Xanthan Gum. Mixed Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid. Glycerin. Ethylhexylglycerin. Bacillus Ferment Concentrate, Mixed Tocopherol, Purified Water
大力推薦Tag Concept特別用法,獨家用法不私藏,美白收毛孔效果double up!
6.將包裝袋剩餘的cream狀精華均勻塗抹面部,當作cream mask敷約20分鐘

*如有Ve Oola Daily Serum或Lovinah Red C Ampoule,可以在噴上爽膚水後,先搽一層Ve Oola Daily Serum或Lovinah Red C Ampoule,然後才敷Ve Oola BB Mask,將抗氧美白功效再高至另一層次。

Normal usage:
Remove mask serum from sachet and smooth over cleansed skin. Massage in an upward circular motion for about 2 minutes, and place mask sheet on skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes, before wiping off with damp cotton. followed by your normal skin care routine.

Important: Store product in a cool and dry place. Use product within 1 day of opening.

Pregnant Friendly



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